Our skill centre is located in Sanjay Colony and lead by our Teacher Lalita. It is open six days a week for young women from the community who learn to sew. It helps them to save money by sewing cloths for family and relatives and gives them the opportunity to create a little income. 

Beside of that the skill centre is a private space where the women of the slum can take a short rest from the daily family routine. Occasionally, we get orders for sewing bags and our centre trainees do a wonderful job.

Lalita always gives theoretical introductions to machines and materials and guides the women in their work on the sewing machines, so that each of them is able to tailor all the clothing they need every day in the shortest possible time. 

During the Corona Pandemic, over 700 masks were sewn here and distributed to our students in the learning centers and in the communities.


In the south side of Delhi a single road is leading from Chattarpur deep into the green belt of Delhi to Bhati Mines. Here you will find Sanjay Colony, an unauthorized slum settlement of migrant families from different States with about 10,000 families.