This learning centre in Bheem Basti Colony is a centre with two classrooms for a junior and a senior class led by our teachers Komal and Sangeeta. The centre is open for three hours, six days a week after 2:00 pm when the children come back from the government school. 

At the centres, we focus on strengthening the academic foundation of children. We teach children Hindi, English and Mathematics according to their academic levels and help them to do better in their grades, thus preventing them from dropping out of school.


Reading is an integral part of everyday activities and is compulsory for every student.


Beside the tuition we run several activities in all our centres to foster the skills and the fantasy of our children. For example, with turning their favorite animals into a paper masks.


In the south side of Delhi there is a side road leading from Chhattarpur to Sultanpur Mandi. Towards the right side of the road, there is the unauthorized slum settlements of families called Bheem Basti Colony. A small community with around 2,500 families.