The photography courses that we offer at the centres of Concern for Humanity (CFH) have a clear pedagogical and learning focus.

At the same time, they enable the children to experience themselves beyond the normal day at school. Photography, the examination of motif and material, gives the school children an unprecedented opportunity to express themselves individually.

Many of our students have a camera in their hands for the first time in their lives. Accordingly, the beginner courses begin with a basic introduction to the functions of a digital camera.

And when that is sinking-in, it is time to get out – and take the first photos. The adventure begins.

Almost every day there is a theory lesson in which we use the photos we have taken to talk to the students about light, lenses, composition, apertures and storytelling. Different photographic genres and job profiles are also discussed here.


The most important part of the courses are the community walks, in which we repeatedly explore the neighborhood in small groups, which is home for the children.


There are at least two shootings in each course, in which the students stand in front of the camera as models. This is about dealing with studio equipment and lighting, but of course also about losing the fear of being in front of the camera and expressing yourself confidently as you feel – even if it may be the first time.


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