This learning centre in Sambhav Colony is a centre with one classroom for a mixed class of juniors and seniors and is led by our teacher Aarnika. The centre is open for three hours, six days a week after 2:00 pm when the children come back from the government school. 
Aarnika is a lovely young indian teacher at Concern for Humanity CFH in Bapu colony in the Slums of New Delhi

At the centres, we focus on strengthening the academic foundation of children. We teach children Hindi, English and Mathematics according to their academic levels and help them to do better in their grades, thus preventing them from dropping out of school.

Reading is an integral part of everyday activities and is compulsory for every student.

Aarnika a CFH teacher explaining her students the task of today class
Aarnika a Concern for humanity teacher in Bapu colony checking the homework from a young student standing next to her
young schoolgirl stinng in a learning center on the ground counting her math homework
Aarnika in front of the CFH learning center in Bapu Colony togehter with her class having fun posing for the group pickture


Beside the tuition we run several activities in all our centres to foster the skills and the fantasy of our children. For example, with a ‘plant a plant’ project our children learn to become responsible citizens towards sustainable environment, where each student has to take care of a personal plant.
a small plant planted into a plastic bottle for the plant a plant project at the learning center
a small plant planted into a plastic bottle for the plant a plant project at the learning center


In the south side of Delhi there is a side road leading from Chhattarpur to Sultanpur Mandi. Towards the left side of the road, there are two unauthorized slum settlements of families called Bapu Camp and Sambhav Colony. Together, the two slums have around 4,000 families.
Entrance to the Bapu Colony in the south of New Delhi showing a lot of motor bikes and construction work
view into a small alley in Bapu Colony in New Delhi
man who moves with his cart through Bapu Colony selling fresh vegetables