Our senior learning centre is located in Bapu Colony and is run by our teacher Komal. It is a centre especially for older students from the 9th grade onwards in order to more specifically address their needs in school. It is open six days a week and run in two batches.

This centre teaches the basics of computer use including all Microsoft programs as well as email communication, safe use of the internet and social media.


In addition, the knowledge of the English language is deepened and the ability of communication and discussion in English is practiced.

Classes are intentionally taught in small groups under the guidance of Komal. Through the training of basic functions, the students are introduced to the independent creation of documents via small exercises.

Based on this new knowledge, the students can prepare for their final exams. In addition, the students can use the center to complete school assignments by themselves and with the help of the center instructor Komal and the volunteer course instructors who are available every Friday in the online course.

The English lessons are geared to the students’ world of life. With playful and interactive exercises, it promotes the desire to speak and practices the discussion within the group.


In the south side of Delhi there is a side road leading from Chhattarpur to Sultanpur Mandi. Towards the left side of the road, there are two unauthorized slum settlements of families called Bapu Colony and Sambhav Colony. Together, the two slums have around 4,000 residents.