If you want to support us in our work, there are many ways to achieve this, because we are grateful for any kind of support – whether it is money donation or personal commitment. Every helping hand brings us a step forward.


The most urgent need is for money and material donations to keep our learning centers alive. On average, the cost of teaching a child is only 50 cents a day – from the renting of the school rooms to the teacher’s salary and the rice waffles that a child receives as an afternoon snack.
50 cents a day to secure the future of a child and thus open up new possibilities for his entire family. With a regular, occasion-related or once-in-a-lifetime donation, you help us to secure the formation of more than 300 pupils and to enable you to achieve this future.
For your donations, you will receive a donation receipt, we will inform you exactly what your donation has been used for and keep you up to date on future developments.


You can also help us personally. If you are interested, you can visit one of our Learning Centers and our students or work as a Volunteer for some time.
You can easily visit a center for a few hours and get to know our students. Or, for a few days or weeks, help shape the lessons and design art or craft courses for the children. As rare as such visits are, they remain a long lasting memory of our guests as well as our children. Please feel free to contact us.


More and more companies are dedicated to your social responsibility and commitment Engage themselves for social purposes. We are always looking for companies that support us in our work. We can not provide you with the high-gloss brochures and tailor-made programs offered by international organizations.
For this, we offer you a small organization where your help is really important and in which you can directly experience the success of your commitment. In addition to the daily struggle to keep the teaching company running, we urgently need our own school building to provide our teachers and students with a better environment.
Currently, all of our schools are hired, which limits us in the development of the center too. Even minor changes that we are making to improve the environment, e.g. The patching of a roof, lead to immediate rent increases.
In order to buy the necessary piece of land in a community and to build a building, an additional 10,000-15,000 euros is necessary.
Support our work very purposefully. Whether through the promotion of concrete individual projects or individual measures. You will receive semi-annual progress reports on the project you are supporting, as well as a final report that you can use for your CSR communication.


Cosmos Ignite
Ministry of Food and Consumer Supplies, Government of Delhi
Department of Education, Government of Delhi – UEE Mission
HPS Foundation
Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
Bharti Eye Hospital, New Delhi
IDEA Cellular
Radio Mirchi, 98.3 FM
PVR Cinema Halls
Mirabelle International
Neighbourhood FLASH